Are wind chimes rude?

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Although wind chimes should produce a pleasing sound, it may be a source of disturbance for you and your neighbors. For keeping it quiet and relaxing, we should know that:

The sound of wind chimes depends on their; volume, quality, and pitch. So if you don’t like loud sounds, don’t buy large wind chimes as the bigger wind chime the louder sound they will make. If you bought the big wind chime, here it comes the role of quality into play as wind chimes, with thin tubes, play high-pitched tones than the ones with the thick tubes .So if you want to buy a large wind chime, buy it with thick tubes to produce low-pitched musical tones.

Wind chimes can be very rude in the windy days, so we will give you some ideas to try it when it becomes noisy and loud.

Creative hacks to prevent wind chimes from being rude

Yesterday, my wind chime was so loud because of the wind. I usually just take it down when it becomes too loud especially, at night, As I don’t want to annoy my neighbors, while being asleep But, I thought why every time I had to take it down so, I searched online for hacks and ideas to find a way to keep it quiet or to stop it from working when I need to. One of the ideas was wrapping a sock around the tubes and securing it with a cloth pin when I tried that, the sound was too low because of the wind but I think in the normal days, this is enough to stop it from working. One of the ideas that I liked the most was putting a rubber band on the top of the tube and you can just pull it down when you want the wind chime to stop. It was my favorite one, and that what I will keep doing when I want to stop my wind chime. I found a lot of ideas that you can try anytime your wind chime becomes noisy to reduce its sound.

  •  You can wrap the striker not the tubes with electrical tape
  •  Put cotton balls inside the tubes
  •  Use a silencer on the clapper, or you can change it to a softer material
  •  Use a vinyl tubing over each tube where it hits the clapper
  •  You can enjoy hanging them during the daylight and take them down at night to not disturb your neighbors
  • In windy days try to move the wind chimes over to a less windy place

Try these hacks and tell us what did you like the most? 

Why people buy wind chimes? 

Most of us enjoy the beautiful music of wind chimes while some of us consider it a noisemaker through the windy days. So why people keep buying wind chimes from the stores and gift shops?

  • Wind chimes are believed to ward off evil spirits and attract the good ones in Asian culture
  • A Wind chime can be used as a weather-warning sign because a wind chime could forecast any change in the wind. so it would be a great ornament for farms, boats, and ships
  • Some people buy wind chimes to bring good luck and fortune, we could use a bit of luck in our lives
  • Modern wind chimes can be tuned to play popular songs tones
  • Farmers use bamboo wind chimes to keep birds and pests away 
  •  a Wind chime Can be used as a beautiful decoration for indoors and outdoors 
  • Produce soothing and relaxing music so it will help you to calm down
  •  A good tool that is used in feng shui, the Chinese art
  •  Help in producing positive energy and thus increase happiness

the most peaceful wind chimes with soft tones

If you love wind chimes but you don’t want to disturb your neighbors. These are our top picks for the least annoying wind chimes

Woodstock Chimes C255 Asli Arts Collection Natural Ring Bamboo Chime

  • Play mellow sounds and relaxing musical tones
  • Made from bamboo and coconut   
  • Hand crafted
  • You can find it on amazon

Driftwood Unique Sea Glass Suncatcher and Bohemian Rustic Wooden Bead Wind chime

  • A unique wind chime handcrafted from specially picked new and vintage beads to form enchanting patterns
  • The wood used has been treated with anti-rot wood preserving matter to make the wind chime durable and weather resistant
  • The perfect rustic ornament for your garden or patio
  • Available on ETSY and Amazon

Sinfinate Large and Deep-Tone Wind Chime

  • Elegant design with an adorable sound
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors
  • High quality, made from 5 aluminum metal tubes
  • Play the popular amazing grace tones 
  • Helps in calming, relaxing and healing your soul  
  • Available on Amazon

Driftwood wind chimes

  • A natural decor for your garden
  • Unique shape
  • Play mellow tones in the wind
  • Produce soft sounds without disturbing the neighbors
  • Hand made from natural materials
  • Made from driftwood and linen cord
  • Available on ETSY and Amazon

Woodstock Asli Arts Purple Capiz wind chime with wood beads

  • Produces a beach-like sound 
  • Made from seashell strands that produce soft sounds which will not annoy your neighbors
  • Shiny colors during the daylight
  • A high quality that you can trust
  • A perfect wind chime for indoors and outdoors
  • Available on Amazon

Astarin amazing grace memorial Wind Chime

  • Play a pleasant musical tones
  • A large wind chime that would be a perfect ornament for your garden
  • Play the amazing grace beautiful tones
  • Made from metal so it is durable and perfect to be used outdoors
  • Available on Amazon

Top-speeder Color Changing Solar Power Wind Chime

  • Perfect as a romantic decoration for special occasions
  • Suitable for garden and patio decorations
  • Made from a spiral spinner and colorful crystal balls 
  • Produce soft musical tones along with the colorful lights
  • Charge it during the day to produce beautiful lights at night
  • Available on Amazon

Handmade Garden Hanging Ceramic Wind chime

Hand made from natural ceramic materials

Produce soft tinkling sound

Available on ETSY and Amazon

Agirlgle Bamboo Wind Chimes

  • Made from coconut shells
  • Tuned to play amazing grace tones
  • Suitable for indoors and outdoors decorations
  • Available on Amazon  

Deer bone wind chime

  • A good alternative for metal wind chimes
  • Hand made 
  • Found in the forest and then cleaned to be collected into pieces to create a beautiful art
  • Available on Etsy and Amazon

Gift Essentials Sea glass and Driftwood Wind Chime

  • Produces sea sounds
  • Made from colorful sand-blasted glass
  • A great ornament for your garden
  • Available on Amazon

Wood stock emperor harp

• Contains 16 silver tubes which are made from aluminum

• Made from natural wood 

• Perfect for your garden and outdoors

• Produce soft musical tones

Wood stock bells of paradise

• Produce the purest musical tones due to the intonation approach

• Has and elegant appearance along with its musical sound

• The tubes are made from aluminum

• Longer resonance than other wind chimes

Wood stock encore wind chimes of earth

• made from; 6 bronze tubes, nylon strings, and aluminum alloy

• resist rusting

• produce tones similar to church bells

• With beautiful soft musical tones

Aqua koshi wind chimes  

  • traditional wind chimes
  • Home made 
  • Produce deep resonance tones through the bamboo tube
  • Available on Amazon 

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