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If you want to create a beautiful garden, this article is for you. We are going to help you to create an amazing and attractive garden through our garden decor ideas with chimes.  

The best flower picks for your garden:

Decorate your garden with Peony (bowl of beauty)

  •  A perfect mix of the color and appearance ( yellow from the inside and pink from the outside)
  •  Has a beautiful fragrance
  •  Requires full sunlight or part of shade to grow 
  •  Requires a rich, fertile and drained soil to grow
  •  Plant it away from trees as it requires a lot of nutrients and moisture to grow.
  •  Attracts butterflies
  •  Dears and rabbits resistant 
  •  The perfect time for planting peonies is in early fall
  •  Blooms in late spring
  •  lives for a long time up to 50 years

Garden decor idea with bearded iris

  •  One of the most popular perennials around the world.
  •  IT has a lot of colors and sizes.
  •  Should be planted in well-drained soil.
  •  Don’t plant it deeply because when you do that, the flowers will be less. 
  •  Easy to grow.
  •  Make sure to provide it with a lot of water after you plant it. 
  •  The perfect time for planting bearded iris is in late summer.
  •  Requires 6 hrs. of sunlight and some shade during the day

Garden decor idea with Foxgloves

  •  One of the most flowers that can be planted in your garden
  •  Has a lot of colors  
  •  Attracts hummingbirds
  •  Don’t plant them if you have kids or pets as they are poisonous
  •  Can be planted in full sunlight or partial shade
  •  Requires well-drained or loamy soil to grow
  •  The perfect flower for cottage gardens

Garden decor idea with Toad lily

  •  Attractive, unique-looking flowers in the shady landscapes
  •  Star-shaped or bell-shaped flowers
  •  Has a lot of colors (yellow, pink, purple and white)
  •  Requires moist well-drained soil to grow
  •  Blooms in the fall and summer 

Garden decor idea with Delphiniums

  •  Elegant, beautiful plants which are perfect for your garden
  •  Plant them at the back of your garden borders
  •  Have many colors ( blue, purple, red, white, pink and yellow)
  •  Bloom in the summer
  •  Deer resistant
  •  Perform best in mild weather
  •  Require rich, moist well-drained soil to grow
  •  For best blooms, plant them in full sunlight

Himalayan blue poppy flowers

  •  They create an amazing show in the late spring and early summer 
  •  They are beautiful and attractive blue flowers.
  •  Need specific requirements to grow
  •  Mountain rock gardens are the best type for Himalayan blue poppy
  •  Require partial shade to grow
  •  Require organic, moist well-drained soil to grow
  •  Bloom for about two weeks

Turk’s cape lily

  •  It has many features which make it a special flower such as:

 (Four-foot stalk and pendent-like shaped blossoms)

  •  Its colors range from deep yellow to orange to reddish-orange 
  •  Has a green star shape at the center
  •  If you have cats in your house, don’t plant this in your garden as cats are sensitive to lily toxicity
  •  Attracts hummingbirds
  •  Needs to grow inside a shelter where it will not be subjected to any wind
  •  Requires full sunlight to grow
  •  Requires moist, loamy or sandy well-drained soil to grow

Dinner plate dahlia

  •  If you like large flowers, you will definitely like dinner plate dahlia
  •  It will impress your visitors with its eye-catching colors
  •  Has a lot of colors (white, red, yellow, mixed, purple, pink, black and orange)
  •  Plant it in the back of your garden borders to make a perfect focal point .
  •  Easy to grow
  •  Deer resistant
  •  Flowers all the season until the frost
  •  Requires full sunlight or partial sunlight to grow
  •  Requires well-drained soil to grow
  •  Needs a long time to mature
  •  Blooms in late summer and fall.

English roses

  •  Undergo the eight years trial program of David Austin breeding program to identify the most outstanding garden features
  •  Combine the beautiful fragrances of the old roses and the colors of the modern roses which make them the most favorite flowers
  •  Perfect for garden borders, brightening up a dull area of your garden or making a beautiful hedge 
  •  Better health and growth habits from other flowers 
  •  Great durable cut flowers
  •  Grow in full sunlight 
  •  Bloom in late spring and summer

Zygopetalum orchid

  •  Has a bold appearance, catching-eye colors and beautiful aroma
  •  Has beautiful colors ( burgundy, green or violet) with pink or purple lines and spots
  •  Grows best at intermediate temperatures
  •  Perfect for indoors and shady outdoors
  •  Easy to grow
  •  Requires partial shade to grow
  •  Requires a lot of water during the growing process
  •  Blooms in winter and early spring

Beauty tips for your gardenbest garden decor ideas

Plant colorful flowers and vegetables 

Such as; (Cosmos and sunflowers)  to break up the green color. Just pick your favorite color theme and choose the perfect plants for it.

Get rid of all the weeds

You can do that by adding mulch that will diminish the weeds and beautify your garden

Collect the flowers into groups with the same color 

That will create a beautiful theme with a greater impact. It will be great if you surround the flowers of the same colors with a contrasting color.

Pick colorful flower pots or decorative planters

Feature containers will help in attracting the eyes to your plants. 

Plant herbs along with your flowers

They provide your garden with beautiful aromas and color variation.

Choose the perfect furniture for your garden

The furniture you pick plays an important role in how your garden will look like and how it reflects your personality. Choosing the right furniture depends on the space of your garden and its style.

Try to make your garden more comfortable for you and your family and friends by adding extra cushions, beanbags along with your garden furniture.  

Add some lights to your garden

That will help you to have a great time in your garden during the day as you will not only depend on the daylight.

Avoid over-crowding

Less is more. The less you put, the more space you have to use. So use your space wisely and leave a space for you to walk and for your kids to run and play.

Add garden art decorations

Such as; ornaments and gifts or homemade wind chimes. This will make your garden reflects your personality and character. The idea to decor your garden with wind chimes sounds great, right?

A lot of people consider wind chimes are the perfect decorations for their gardens, so why wind chime is the right decoration for your garden?

  •  It is used to suppress negative energy.
  •  It adds beautiful tones to your garden along with the attracting colors of the flowers.
  •  A wind chime is the perfect Eye-catching and elegant addition for your garden. 
  •  It matches all the styles you want from classic to modern.

What are the best wind chimes for your garden?

Woodstock amazing grace wind chime 

  • Woodstock amazing grace wind chimes tuned to play the amazing grace opening notes.
  •  It produces high tinkly sounds due to its aluminum tubes.
  •  The clapper is made from wood.
  •  You can buy it from Amazon and other online stores.

Copper jade wind chime

  •  Copper jade wind chime produces soft and mellow tones.
  •  It is made from copper tubes and a steel clapper.
  •  Perfect for small gardens. 
  •  It is available on Amazon and other online stores.

Ethical roots bamboo wind chime

  •  Ethical roots bamboo wind chime produce soft tones
  •  Perfect for small gardens
  •  Tubes are made from bamboo and clapper is made from wood
  •  Made by the locals 
  •  It is also available on Amazon and the other online store

Sodalite color changing wind chime

  •  Sodalite color changing wind chime is a solar-powered wind chime
  •  It emits; blue, green, yellow and red lights at night and charges during the daylight
  •  The perfect modern ornament for your garden
  •  The tubes are made from metal while the clapper is made from glass
  •  Search for the best deals for buying it on Amazon online store

Mirx bronze and metal wind chime

  •  Mirx bronze and metal wind chime is a traditional Chinese ornament
  •  Made from; bronze tubes, red wood top, metal clapper, and decorative bells
  •  Produces a soft sound
  •  People believe that it brings them a wealth
  •  You can buy it from Amazon online store

Crystal love wind chime

  •  Crystal love wind chime is the best choice to be used as a gift for the garden of your friend 
  •  Produce pleasant tones
  •  Made from aluminum and wood
  •  Can be placed indoors or outdoors
  •  Available on Amazon 

Aveki solar-powered wind chime

  •  If you are looking for a unique ornament, this is the best choice for you.
  •  Multi-colored, color-changing, solar-powered decorative ornament
  •  Made from color-changing hummingbirds
  •  With a solar-powered battery
  •  Available on amazon

Wood stock heroic wind bell

  •  If you are looking for an antique ornament and a rustic decoration for your garden, this is for you.
  •  Life-time tuning
  •  Produce deep resonance
  •  The bell is from steel, while the wind catcher is from aluminum and the clapper is from black wood.
  •  You can buy it from Amazon’’ where you can find amazing wood stock wind chimes’’.  

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