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Homemade wind chimes ideas

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Have you ever asked yourself whether to buy something or just do it yourself?

The answer depends on your personality and lifestyle. Just ask yourself these questions that will help you take the right decision.

  • Have time?
  • Enjoy spending your time doing crafts?
  • Looking for a fun time with your kids?
  • Have a lot of old stuff that can be used to create an amazing decorations?  

If your answer was yes for most of these questions, so this article is for you.

if you are renovating your house and you ran out of money, you can make your decorations by your hands. In this article we will learn how to make unique, amazing wind chimes to use them as ornaments for your house or your garden.

Homemade wind chimes ideas 

People like to buy wind chimes for so many reasons:

Some believe that wind chimes bring money and fortune, while others think that wind chimes bring good luck and ward off bad accidents. But most of us just buy them for their relaxing and adorable tones and they are a beautiful decoration as well.

If you are looking for unique, attractive and homemade wind chimes. We will give you 6 ideas for homemade wind chimes that you can make them by your hands. You can give them to a friend as a special gift made with love by your hands or you can just enjoy hanging it at your house in front of your eyes.

So let’s have a lot of fun while making your favorite wind chime completely from scratch.

6 ideas for homemade wind chimes 

1.Valentine wind chimes – Rustic decoration for your garden

Materials and tools:

  • Old chain
  • Rebar
  • Timber
  • Copper wire
  • Wood stain
  • Wood screws
  • Bolt cutters
  • Diameter
  • Twist-drill
  • Hammer
  • Screwdriver

Assembling the valentine wind chime:

 Making the heart:

  • Draw the outline of the heart on a paper then put the chain on your drawings. 
  • Using the bolt cutters, cut the chain to a length the same as the heart outlines.

Tying the knot:

  • Tie each piece of chain with copper wire. 
  • Twist the wire till the end.
  • Tie the other end of the wire to the rebar.

  Making the frame:

  • Make a u shape from the temper.
  • Hang the rebar as the fourth side of the square by making holes in the temper so that it will be friction-fitted in the holes.
  • Paint the temper with any of your favorite colors.

The heart wind chime is now ready to be hanged outdoors.   

Coffee can-CD wind chimes   

A very easy homemade wind chimes. Have fun with your kids while doing this chime, it will be a great gift for coffee and music lovers.

Materials and tools: 

  • Old CDs
  • Coffee can
  • Permanent marker with different colors
  • Yarn or fishing line
  • One hole punch
  • Two coffee can lids

Assembling the coffee can-CD wind chime:

  • Wash the CDs in warm soapy water to make them clean and dust free and then let them dry.
  • Color both sides of the CDs using the markers. 
  • Make holes through the can lid equals to the number of the CDs using the hole punch.
  • Tie the CDs with the can lid using the fishing line.
  • Pop the lid on the bottom of the can.
  • Make two holes across from each other through the second can lid.
  • Make a knot using the fishing line through the two holes.
  • Pop the lid back on the can.

We are done. Now you can hang the wind chime anywhere you want. 

Flower pot homemade wind chimes

A unique colorful decoration for your garden

Materials and tools:

  • 3 pots(small-medium-large) with drainage hole
  • Brushes
  • Acrylic paint
  • macrame string
  • round wooden beads
  • scissors
  • charms

Assembling the flower pot wind chime

  • we start with painting the flower pots with the acrylic paint
  • cut the string to the perfect desired length
  • make a loop at one end of the string and then make a double knot
  • glide a wooden bead down to the double knot and then make another double knot above the bead
  • slide the first pot upside down on the string to the first bead
  • pass another bead through the string
  • make another double knot to hold the bead and sec ure the pot in its place
  • keep gliding the pots and the beads and making double knots till you finish 
  • make sure you leave enough space for the pots to swing
  • put the charms at the end of the string
Flower pot  homemade wind chimes
Flower pot homemade wind chimes

Teapot wind chimesA beautiful addition for your home and garden 

Materials and tools:

  • Tea pot
  • 8 keys
  • bell
  • string
  • epoxy
  • drill and drill bit

 Assembling the teapot wind chime 

  • cut the string twice as long as the length as you want the keys to be hung from the teapot.
  • make a loop with the string through the key.
  • do this step with all keys and the bell.
  • drill 8 holes evenly at the bottom of the teapot.
  • drill another hole  the centre of the holes circle for the bell.
  • thread the loop of the string holding the key through the hole and tie a good knot.
  • do the same with the bell.
  • seal the lid of the teapot with the epoxy.
  • seal the spout of the teapot with a paper towel and epoxy so no insects can go inside the teapot.
  • make a loop with the string through the top of the teapot.
Teapot wind chimes
Teapot wind chimes

Now you can hang your teapot wind chime anywhere . enjoy the soft and relaxing sounds 

Colorful glass shells wind chimes

A colorful ornament perfect for patio, garden and indoors

Materials and tools:

  • flower pot
  • colorful glass shells
  • masonry bit
  • masonry lines
  • washer
  • floral lines
  • monofilament line

 Assembling the colorful glass shells wind chime:

  • Drill two holes at the center of the bottom of the flower pot. Drill slowly to not break the pot.
  • Make sure that the holes are evenly spaced.
  • Thread the mansory line through the 2 holes. 
  • A washer is added to hang the flower pot.
  • Make a hoop by twisting the floral line around itself.
  • Thread 2 mansory line up through one hole nd down through the other. 
  • Use the threaded mansory lines to attach the loop to the flower pot from the inside.
  • This hoop is use to carry the glass strands.
  • To make a strand of colorful shells, tie a knot at the end of monofilament line the thread one of the glass shells onto the other end.
  • tie nother knot and thread another glass shells onto the other end. 
  • repeat this step for all shells . make sure to leave a space between the shells.
  • connect the strands with the flower pot through the hoop.

it is time to hang your colorful wind chime.

Colorful glass shells wind chimes
Colorful glass shells wind chimes

Silver goblet wind chimes

An elegant design for your garden

Materials and tools:

  • 6 small silver goblets and a large one
  • washers
  • chandelier Crystals
  • Glue
  • Fishing leaders
  • Two Silver platters
  • Hammer
  • Roofing nail
  • Staple gun
  • Heavy duty staples 
  • Marine goop sealant
  • Silver vase
  • Silver cat statue
  • Hook end of a broken belt

Assembling the silver goblet wind chime:

  • Glue the washers to the  bottom of the goblets and let the glue cure for one day 
  • Hook the fishing leader onto the washer at the bottom of the globlet
  • Repeat this step for the remaining goblets
  • Make a hole at the center of the silver platter using a hammer and a roofing nail
  • Make evenly spaced six holes close to the center hole . this is where we re going to hang the six small goblets using the loop at top of the fishing leaders 
  • Secure the loops with straightened out heavy duty staples using the staple gun.
  • Add a marine sealant over the staples at the six holes to secure the loops in place
  • Hang the chandelier crystals through the holes in the punched out pattern in the platter.
  • If the platter doesn’t have these holes do them with a hammer and a nail
  • Now it is time to assemble the top piece
  • Glue the bottom of  silver vase to the top side of the silver platter
  • The silver cat statue will be glued to the bottom of the platter which will be the top of the wind chime
  • Make three evenly spaced holes at the top platter to be used to hang the wind chime
  • bent a heavy duty staple using the staple gun into a V shape 
  • put the loop of the leader on the v shaped staple and put it through the hole from the top down
  • bent the 2 ends of the stable on the underside of the platter
  • repeat the same step to the three holes
  • add the marine sealant over the staple to secure it  
  • make holes at the outer side of the platter to hang some chandelier crystals
  • glue the top section on the other platter 
  • let it cure for 24 hours
  • hung the top leaders on the hook end of a broken belt
  • close it with pliers.

 Now your wind chime is ready to be hung 

Enjoy the post featured image? That is homemade spoon wind chimes.

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