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How to Make Spoon Wind Chimes

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Wind Chimes

Wind Chimes are essentially great to look at. They can hang around your living rooms, or kitchen or your bedroom, or anywhere in your homes. Nowadays you get these wind chimes that are made of just about anything. The strands can be made of cotton threads, plastic beads, and the chimes are made out of bronze, and at times copper or bamboo tubes as well. But have you ever think about Spoon Wind Chimes? 

Some of the beautiful specimens of wind chimes include suspended shells, pot-shaped chimes, metal pieces made out of die-cut. Some of them are made out of glass, and similar kinds of tinkling objects as well. Wind Chimes are quite popular these days and many homes at least have 1-2 of them in their homes.

How To Creating Spoon Wind Chimes?

The following section will be a comprehensive lowdown on how you can create your own Spoon Wind Chimes in your kitchen. It would take a little bit of effort and your time, but the result would be absolutely worth it. Let us dive deep into this creative section,

  1. Scrounge up your materials
  2. Make the Fork as your centerpiece
  3. Drilling holes through the Spoons
  4. Do some ornamental changes to the spoons
  5. Hang up your spoons from the central portion of the fork
  6. Hang the wind chime at the place of your choice

Scrounge up your materials

To make this beautiful wind chime a reality, you need to start scraping for materials. Specifically, for a spoon wind chime, you would be needing some spoons, and maybe some forks if need be. It is essential that you do not use anything sharp while making these as it might cause you physical damage. This is why forks and spoons are much preferable to use while making up these wind chimes.

Prepare spoons and forks for homemade spoon wind chimes
Prepare spoons and forks for homemade spoon wind chimes

The next thing you need to do is to drill a hole in through any one of your kitchenware for hanging the wind chime. You would, therefore, be needing a pair of good pliers, specifically needle-nose pliers would be a pretty good option to start from. You would also be needing a drilling machine, a fishing line, and a thin ribbon as well.

Make the Fork as your centerpiece

Make the Fork as your centerpiece
Make the Fork as your centerpiece

The fork would act as your centerpiece while all the spoons would be hanging around as part of your wind chime. For preparing this, you would need to use the drilling machine for making 2 holes in it, and the prongs need to be bent. This would allow the other spoons to hang around it with relative ease.

You can start by drilling the hole in the fork’s handle. The drill needs to be very small, a 0.8mm one ideally. You can have the all-purpose drill machine if they are of impeccable quality, and then it can be fastened properly with a C-clamp.

Make the Fork as your centerpiece
Make the Fork as your centerpiece

The next thing you should do would be to make a hole in the center of the fork. All of your wind chime spoons will be attached below this hole. The next thing that you need to do would be to bend the fork to appropriate angles so that you can hang your spoons. The angle specifically needs to be 90 degrees, and the bend needs to be made where the tine meets the broad portion of the fork. These tines need to be spread across until they are at 90 degrees with respect to their neighboring tines.

Make the Fork as your centerpiece
Make the Fork as your centerpiece

All these tines now need to be curled, so that the lines can be wreathed between them. Then, use the needle-nose pliers to hold the end of the tine and wrap it up thereby forming a loop.

Drilling holes through the Spoons

Drilling holes through the Spoons
Drilling holes through the Spoons

The next thing to be done would be to drill holes into the spoons that would be a part of your wind chime. The hole needs to be drilled in on the very end of the handle of the spoon. You can again fasten the spoons with the C-Clamp when you are drilling.

Do some ornamental changes to the spoons

This requirement is as per your preference, you can either hang them just like that or you can make changes to their shape. For instance, you can use the needle-nose pliers and make some changes to your spoons. Or else, you can use a hammer and make your kitchenware flat. You can strike them cleanly if you have sledgehammer with you or something similar.

Or even use the needle-nose pliers to bend up the forks for the wind chime if you want to do that. The other creative is putting a mixture of both the spoons and the forks so that it looks different than the others. Try experimenting on their looks thereby making them unique.

Hang up your spoon wind chimes from the central portion of the fork

Here you would need to line up your spoons for the wind chime and cut up 5 portions of the fishing line consisting of equal lengths. You would need to tie them securely with every piece of the fishing line available with you on to the lower pieces of the kitchenware where the holes have been drilled. If you have any excessive lines after doing this procedure, you can cut them out.

Post this you would need to loop in the fishing lines through the curled tines of the fork. A knot needs to be fastened properly so that all of the spoons stay in place. The final spoon needs to be mandatorily placed at the center of the fork so that it stands out.

Hang the spoon wind chime at the place of your choice

The bottom of Spoon Wind Chimes
The main thing of Spoon Wind Chimes

You are ready with your creation, now all you have to do is to find a suitable place to hang it from. But more importantly, you would need to tie up the fishing line from the handle of the fork into the place where you would be hanging it. This line can be tied up properly from your ceiling, into your bedroom wall hook or any other place of your choice.

complete Spoon Wind Chimes
Nice Spoon Wind Chimes


This is how you create the most perfect wind chime from everyday kitchenware like spoons. You can even use multiple other usual stuff to create the most unusual wind chimes. This project can help boost up your creativity and add a souvenir to your home with all its beauty.

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