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Best wind chimes under $30

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Wind chimes do date back thousands of years and are a very popular garden ornament.   There are people who do not like them while most people are said to love them. From my personal views, I do love them! In this guide we will be looking at some of the best wind chimes under $30 currently available in the market along with the buying guide. 

What are Wind Chimes?

In case you do not understand what the wind chimes are, don’t worry as we will be explaining in brief. The wind chimes are percussion instruments from the suspended bells, tubes and rods among other objects.  The tubes are usually suspended using some weights where they do strike each other whenever they are blown by the movement of air. Most users are known to hang the wind chimes outside as they act as an aural garden ornament.  People do consider the wind chimes as the best example of chance based music as they do depend on air’s natural movement. 

Types of Wind Chimes 

We do have three main types of wind chimes currently available in the market. 

  1. Metal Wind Chimes 

The metal wind chimes do attract a great affluence in our homes and offices. Apart from the affluence, they do slow down the energies found in your property. Just as the name suggests, the best wind chimes under $30 have been constructed from metals. Some of the common metals used in constructing the wind chimes include, bronze, steel, brass, copper and aluminum. In most cases, the wind chimes are adopted in West and Northwest orientation. 

  1. Wood Wind Chimes 

In case you do desire to keep the chimes in the south, east and south east areas of your house, then it is preferable to go for the wood wind chimes which are the best in such a situation. 

  1. Ceramic Wind Chimes

Compared to the metallic wind chimes, the ceramic wind chimes are placed in Northwest but with a totally different intention.  For instance, when using the ceramic wind chimes, the Chinese do place the wind chimes on this particular position to act as a sign of knowledge luck. They do place them on the Southwest for romance and love luck. You can have them placed at the center to gain wealth. 

Benefits of Using the Wind Chimes 

 All people are concerned about their well being in this current world where the levels of stress are high that ever because of tight work schedules and limited free time. Getting the spare relaxation and recovery moments from busy daytime schedules can be a bit difficult. This explains why several people opt to use different tools and methods to release stress. Most do want to keep a very healthy state of their bodies and minds.

The wind chimes are a great choice for any person who needs to calm down relax and reduce their lifestyle pace.  You will always spot them in the SPA centers and the rehabilitation clinics that can further support the claims that they are of great benefit to the well being and human health.  Do not be surprised when you come across them in business offices too. They are great when it come to concentration just as they are for relaxation purposes. 

The lack of calmness and energy of the mind symbolizes negative effects and exhaustion from stressful situations exposure. The soothing yet playful tones created by the wind chimes do create a gentle motion that induces a relaxed state of mind that can transfer to the rest of the body. It is advisable that you use them to help achieve calmness of the whole being and to help in improving your overall health status. 

Best Wind Chimes under $30

Woodstock Chimes PCCB Pachelbel Cannon Chime

This great Woodstock chimes PCCP Pachelbel cannon does feature two wind chimes at the same time. They will be capable of producing fuller sound that will do away with any negative energy and assist in turning the outdoor area into a relaxing and great spot when they work together. 

It does feature a black finish as wood that comprises of six silver tubes and four solid rods. All these do function to offer one with a well known melody that is the canon in D and was written close to the baroque era end. 

Both the small and the big wind chimes do offer low and high tones which spread happiness and offer more hope. All the individuals are sure of enjoying the full moldy effect produced by this chime. It does explain why we all think that it is a completely versatile ornament making it an excellent birthday gift. 

The product manufacturers have put lots of focus on its quality. It is known to be a very durable product capable of lasting for years. It also features a reinforced and strong cord which can keep it in a single piece. It is also a weather resistant wind chime. 

This chime would be the top of best wind chimes under $30 for your garden.


  • It is a very strong cord
  • Produces high and low tones for a great melody
  • It is long lasting 
  • Has two wind chimes in a single piece
  • Has aluminum rods and a black finish ash wood


  • Very loud 

Bellaa 22890 Capiz Wind Chime 

This brand has managed to successfully make all their wind chimes capable of delivering a great vibe to their property. The wind chimes have been decorated using beautiful and colorful seashells that assist in improving the aesthetic value of any person’s porch. 

The Bellaa 22890 Capiz Wind Chime has been made using seasoned seashells that are of a greater quality and have been specifically designed to help offer durable recoil. It is made using a high quality wood and string that helps in pulling the chime together. 

It is a soft and vibrant seashell that has a great appearance both indoors and outdoors. In case you need to liven up the space, then you will need to have this placed inside your house. If you after offering your porch a lively feel that you can always consider hanging them outdoors. A good number of people are said to be in love with this great and colorful design. 


  • Can be used both indoors and outdoors 
  • Made from a high quality substance 
  • It has a vibrant layout 
  • It is unique 
  • Has been professionally tuned 


  • Produces lots of sounds 

UpBlend Outdoors Large Wind Chime

The UpBlend Outdoors Large Wind Chime is listed among the best pipes that can be used on the wind chimes. It does offer a great sound from the slightest wind blowing around it.  The test unit we carried out did comprise of six pipes made from aluminum. The pipes did hang by the sting on the wooden disk. The unit has a maximum length of 28” and costs $30. 

 The six upblend aluminum pipes come with the best pipes which are meant for wind chimes. It’s down and disk wind catchers are considered to be some its best features. It also provides the best sound when it comes to the wind chimes. 

This wind chime consists of an aluminum tube that is hands tuned and are anodized in the light bronze. The bronze pipes do complement on the wood curves providing it with an excellent finish. 

This medium chime does measure 28” from the book to the bottom of the wind catcher. If you do have a wind chime, its size will never be bad for a smaller or larger home. This wind chime is capable of striking a chord which will immediately ring a pure melody onto the ears. 

It also comes with adjustable sticker which will be of help in getting the tone for the outdoor environment. When combined with the E-major chord, it can strike to produce nothing less than an excellent harmony. 


  • It has a wooden wind catcher 
  • Produces great sound 
  • Tubes are made from aluminum 
  • Comes with an s-hook


  • Perfect for the outdoors only 
  • Non adjustable sound key 

Pixpri Wind Chimes for Outdoor

The most basic feature most individuals do go for in any wind chime is one consists of a windpipe that can play great melodies to the ears. 

The wind chime does feature a powder coat finish on the wind catcher and the rings. Its powder coating insulates it against corrosion and rusting.  One unit of this produce can come together with a black aluminum tube that looks stylish especially when contrasted with the wind catchers’ stylish slivery color. 

This chime is also known to deliver a high quality of sound. From the testing we did conduct, excellent sound was produced from a fair wind input. However, compared to other wind chime types currently available in the market, it is not advisable for one to break his or her bank account just to buy a wind chime. 

It produces a soft and soothing music when stroked by the wind. The sound quality is less noisy and it does have a natural feel of lute and lyre. The wind chime is also known to be easy to install and durable. It has an s-hook tip and its long lasting feature makes it great for all weather conditions. 


  • Very sensitive to the wind 
  • It is durable 
  • Has a great finish 
  • Easy to install 


  • It is a bit expensive 
  • Not that beautiful when compared to its wooden counterpart. 

Blue Handworks Santa Fe Glass Wind Chime

This wind chime does offer one with a coastal or ocean look of your patio or porch.  In most cases, they are known to start with the driftwood and hand with sandblasted pieces of sea glass that offers one with a completely unique feel. 

The wind chime is capable of reflecting light in different shades of grey, blue and green which help in ensuring one gets a bleach look. Its glass is powder coated making it last for long when outside. This will ensure the wind chime continues having a great appearance despite being exposed on rain.

Its driftwood has been on different occasions used for the chimes top. It does have a unique appearance since it does float on the salty waters for long providing it with a completely natural appearance.  There are times when you will get this chime being sold at a price that is lower than its average price. 


  • The chime has been crafted with an artesian and it unique 
  • It is powder coated to help in protecting it from harsh weather
  • The tops of the chime is made of driftwood
  • The chime is made of sandblasted glass that features ocean colors


  • You will have to apply sealer on a frequent basis 
  • The color of the glass can wear off after sometime

Buying Guide for the Top 5 Wind Chimes Under $30 

After you have made a decision to purchase the best wind chimes under $30, you might not be aware of the things to look for. Most people do not know the important things to put into consideration when shopping for the wind chimes thereby can easily end up purchasing a wrong product. We did come up with some of the important factors one needs to put into consideration when shopping for the best wind chimes under $30. 

  1. Type of Material 

The wind chimes are made from different types of materials. There are some which are made using metals, others bamboos, glasses or ceramic. The most popular type of material is the metal as they do offer high tuning accuracy and durability. You can use the metal wind chimes for well known songs and melodies. You can also get the rust proof metal wind chimes. 

The bamboo wind chimes on the other hand are not that durable when compared to the metal wind chimes. They however produce the softest and soothing melodies and sounds. It is possible to get relaxing sounds of rain using this type of wind chime. 

In case you are in need of a decorative design and shape of wind chime, then it is advisable you go for the glass or ceramic wind chimes. However, these wind chimes are not recommended if you want to focus on the sounds. 

  1. Type of Design 

According to the designs, wind chimes can be classified into three categories. The Tubular wind chimes, Bell wind chimes, and the door chimes. The most popular wind chimes are the tubular wind chimes. It is possible for one to find an array of sizes and styles. The wind chimes have been made using a number of vertically hanging tunes as each of the tubes does have its own tone. The tubular wind chimes do come in pewter or aluminum material. 

On the other hand, the bell wind chimes are made out of either one or more bells. Majority of the bell wind chimes are made from brass. It is possible to get them in both modern and traditional contemporary styles. 

The door chimes are different from the wind chimes although they do have some sort of resemblance. It is possible to have the door chimes hanged on the door and use it as a great way of welcoming your guests. In most cases, they are either made of copper or aluminum. 

  1. Length 

The length of the wind chime you will purchase will help in determining the depth and tone of the sound it will produce. The longer the length of the wind chimes the fuller and lower the tones it will produce. The short the length of the wind chimes, the higher the tones the wind chimes will produce. 

  1. The Number of Tubes

You can try counting the number of the wind chimes tubes. The number of tubes a wind chime has will be the same as the number of notes it can play. In case you purchase a wind chime having several tubes, you will be in a position to combine more sounds thereby creating different harmonies. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Here are the most frequently asked questions about best wind chimes.

 How do I hang the wind chime to make it produce most of the sound?

A good number of high quality wind chimes are designed to start chiming in the wind speed of around 6-10 miles per hour. In order to assist your wind chime produce most of the breeze, ensure that you hang it in a place where the winds can reach it from different directions. When you hand a heavy and high quality wind chime in an area that is too protected, it will not be in a position to receive enough wind. 

The higher your wind chime is hanged, the more breeze it is likely to experience. The most ideal place to hand your wind chime does vary with different times of the year. 

How can I take care of my wind chime to ensure it lasts for a longer time?

The level of maintenance of the wind chime does depend on the type of material it is made from. It is important that you ensure the wind chimes are never exposed to severe weather like gales and storms as they can damage it. 

You can also position the wind chime where they will not be subjected to intense sunlight for longer periods as this can easily cause fading and drying out. 

Majority of the wind chimes can easily be cleaned using a mild detergent and water. It will ensure it bring an up looking like new and removes any dirt or mold that can make the wooden parts to rot.  One will require a gentle detergent to maintain the parts made of aluminum and will also help in keeping the ceramics and glass parts sparkling. 

It is possible to protect the wooden parts by applying a protective varnish or a thin layer of Danish oil. It will help in sealing the wood from moisture and protect it from drying out in a sunny or hot weather. 

In case you do stay in a cold area, it is possible that you can bring the wind chimes indoors during the winter season. You can also consider moving the wind chime to a sheltered area like a porch. 


As it has been stated above, we do have different types of wind chimes in the market. Our top 5 wind chimes under $30 has made it easier for you to sort out the best wind chimes from the large pool available in the market. All the wind chimes we have reviewed above do offer great sound and is aesthetically pleasing. 

 From our list of top 5 best wind chimes under $30, we do recommend the Woodstock Chimes PCCB Pachelbel Cannon. It is a very long lasting and hardy wind chime that produces excellent sound and does have a great look. 

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