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Is the copper vein wind chimes still good after several years? Update mid-2019

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I decided to write this after ordering another brand (Windsong) which used to be great quality but is now made in China and sounds terrible. I forgot the brand I bought years ago and found it in my Amazon orders…it was this brand – Corinthian.

I bought these Corinthian chimes as a gift after buying three for myself in 2013 in sizes 27″, 36″ & 44″. Mine are now seven years old and have been through rain, hail, high winds, sun. birds. They are in perfect condition and sound as great as day one. All of the strings are intact, the powder coating is beautiful – no chips, wear or fading and they still have a sheen. Other than an occasional hosing off, no maintenance required.

Corinthian Bells

The tubes are well constructed, heavier than other brands which is the reason the sound is so beautiful. The sound…is incredibly gorgeous! A deep melodic sound that for seven years has become part of my best memories. Be it a summer BBQ, a dinner party, or watching a thunderstorm – these chimes have literally set the tone for my life. I bought three different sizes to get different pitches so I could have more melody. All three have a solid, deep tone & resonance with the pitch being highest in the smaller one. The tubes are powder coated and do not sound “tinny” – which is my litmus test for windchimes. A shrill, tinkly-tinny sound is stressful and hurts the ears. Not to worry with Corinthian chimes – they give the wind a voice and it’s beautiful, calm and restful. I love hearing them at night. I put the larger ones in the breeziest areas, and the smallest in an area that gets less wind. I think there’s only been a few times we had extreme wind and wrapped the clapper around the tubes. If you hear a ‘clanking’ sound often, that means the clapper is hitting the tubes and moving to a less windy area should resolve that. I moved mine around until I obtained the best sound – they’ve stayed there since. I can’t say enough about these windchimes and plan on buying their largest one in the future. I hope this company continues with their quality product and manufacture in the USA.

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