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The 6 Best Wind Chimes 2019 with comparison

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Chime is a good choice for your house, garden, etc… The number of top 6 wind chimes was bought On Amazon in 2019 first six months will give you some suggestions to buy the best wind chimes for your place.

Handmade wind chimesCreative, get off pattern~$174.9/5
Corinthian Bells wind chimesWell-made and beautifully paintedMedium4.9/5
UpBlend Outdoors Wind ChimeMany size, lower priceLow4.8/5
Butterfly Garden ChimesNice looking, cheap priceLow4.7/5
Nalulu Floral Wind ChimeWarm soundLow4.7/5
Arabesque Wind chimes - Onyx
Luxury looking, good qualityHigh4.0/5

Handmade wind chimes

Over 171 thousand orders in the first half of 2019 are what these handmade wind chimes gain. Creative design for outdoor space with multiple options for you.

Sea Blue: The color of the ocean, native and fresh

Peacock blue: niceful wind chim with main color is blue.

Rainbow: colorful wind chimes for your kids

And many others. Choosing handmade wind chimes is a good deal for any person wants to get off the pattern that you always see.

Corinthian Bells wind chimes

9.8/10 rating on over 300 orders. The number is showing the quality of this wind chimes.

Somebody had their eyes on Corinthian Bells for several years but haven’t bought that But this is what a lady got since decided to buy it. “They are well-made and beautifully painted. The tones are rich, deep, and serene. I have them hanging in my backyard and their sound actually travels quite far when it’s windy. I hope these last for years and years to come.” — Amazon review.

A corinthian Bell would be a great gift for your neighbor, your friend and they will reminisce of you forever.

UpBlend Outdoors Wind Chime

Another good choice for you likes Corinthian Bells Wind Chimes. this medium chime is 28 inches long from the hook to bottom of windcatcher. There are six, beautiful aluminum tubes that range in length from 8 inches to 11 inches. From the top, the suspension platform is 5.5 inches in diameter; The adjustable striker is 2.5 inches in diameter while the tear-shaped wind catcher measures.

The price of this is super reasonable to buy if this is the first time you buy a wind chimes and you don’t know which one to choose.

Butterfly Garden Chimes

This is a chime should be expected for the price, you are going to surprise because of the quality of the sound. It’s great if you compare it with the price here. But yes, because it is a cheap option so you can’t look for it as a perfect chime. The strings that hold the ring are attached to the level might not the same length. And that left the whole thing looking a bit crooked. 

And for your creative, you can the photos of your family there in the lines, so whenever you come home, that means they are waiting for you. This is just a suggestion, but yah, why not?

Nalulu Floral Wind Chime

It has two sizes, medium and large. Bamboo Wooden Wood chime for outside space. The sound is warm and earthy, you can enjoy it in a light breeze. Bamboo and coconut are natural, so do expect “character.” The floral design has a depth to the overall natural color and looks great with the coconut shell. It’ll help blend in any surface changes to the bamboo as this wind chime ages.

The medium size should be a choice for you if you have a medium space and yes, the large one would be great for your garden which is larger.

On top of that, I still prefer you to explore the warm sound of this bamboo wind chimes, you gonna love it.

Arabesque Wind chimes – Onyx

The design for a luxury place, a product made of the USA that you should try. They are providing the chimes from 44 inches to 55 inches. Strong color describes mastery. These are incredible, the sound is very soothing and resonates with even the slightest breeze. If you purchase this just make sure you have a very strong way to mount them, they are not light. The quality of these is top-notch as well.

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