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Are you looking for a unique and beautiful decoration for your house?

Are you searching for a special gift for your friend?

Then Wind chimes are your best choice.

Wind chimes:

Not only they provide you with a beautiful decoration and soft music, but people also believe that wind chimes can repel bad spirits and luck . 

Wind chimes are also used in feng shui as they are thought to bring good luck. 

Before we get to know the best places to buy wind chimes we need to know how to choose the perfect one and what are the differences between each type.

Wind chimes can be made from a wide range of materials:

Wind chimes materials:

Metal wind chimes:

  •  Produce classical melodies such as amazing grace song.
  •  Have various sizes, sounds, shapes and colors. 
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors.
  • Consider to be the most durable wind chime. 
  • Metal can be aluminum, steel, brass and copper.

Bamboo wind chimes:

  • Perfect for garden decoration as it produce fountain like sound.
  • Have a classical look made from wood.
  • Have different sizes.

Glass wind chimes:

  • The best choice as an indoor ornament. 
  • Used in decoration due to its colorful appearance. 
  • Produce soft sounds. 
  • Have various sizes, styles and colors.

Shell wind chimes:

  • Made from capiz shell.
  • Decorative wind chime.
  • Produce tinkling sound.

What are the best places to buy wind chimes?

After the revolution of the e-commerce platforms era, the online stores have become your best choice for buying almost anything including wind chimes. 

If you want to save your time, money and effort these stores are your best choice .

The best places to buy wind chimes.


Founded in 1998
Founded in 1998

ebay is the best place to buy wind chimes for the following reasons:

  • It is the place where you can buy new and used items. 
  • You can get the best prices and deals for whatever you want to buy on ebay deals.

 Best-selling wind chimes on ebay:

  • Color changing led solar powered hummingbird wind chime lights:

People prefer this wind chime because of its Tinkling sound, Long-lasting bulbs, Joyful lightings and melodies.

  • Extra-large deep tone resonant bass sound church bell wind chime:

This will be perfect for your garden it is made from metal and wood with silver color. It produces a pleasant sound.

  • Bamboo wind chime :

Handmade wind chime made from wood. It produces soft relaxing tones.


It is the best place to buy wind chimes easily. You can find wind chimes with high quality and low price.

The chimes can be shipped worldwide. Safe payments are guaranteed. 

 If you want to buy wind chimes and you are looking for an easy online shopping experience, Aliexpress is the best place to buy wind chimes.

Best-selling wind chimes on Aliexpress:

  • Copper 5 bells wind chimes pentagon pavilion feng shui decoration.
  • Amazing grace deep resonant 4 tube wind chime.
  • Garden tubes bells wind chime.


‘’Save money, Live better ‘’ its slogan say it all. Whatever you need you will find it at Walmart.

Buying from Walmart means saving money as the prices are much lower than anywhere else 

Wind chimes walmart

Definitely Walmart is the best place to buy wind chimes.

Best-selling wind chimes on Walmart:

  • Tsv solar changing color humming bird wind chime:

It is a solar powered, changing color and rotating wind chime. It is perfect for garden decoration due to its water proof and durable materials.  

  • Woodstock chimes mercury wind chime:

It is made from a wood top and wind catcher with a beautiful bubinga finish that is weather resistant. It is crafted for high musical performance.

  • Silver tube church wind chime outdoor bells:

It is made from metal and wood, produces a church bell like sound and is a great ornament for outdoors. 


ETSY is global online market place where you can sell, buy and collect unique items.

If you are looking for crafted, unique and handmade chimes, Etsy is the best place to buy wind chimes 

Best-selling wind chimes on Etsy

Glass wind chimes:

  • Made from pyramids bottles
  • Hand cut 
  • Multiple colors
  • Suitable for outdoors

 Memorial tribute wind chimes:

  • Handmade
  • Can be used as  a special gift
  • Weather resistant materials
  • Custom name engraving

 Ceramic cow bell wind chimes:

  • Hand made
  • Made from ceramic
  • A Perfect decoration for your garden

Although these online stores are more than enough for you to find your favorite wind chime, you can buy wind chimes from local stores around you. But try to buy one of the famous brands of wind chimes as it has high quality and good price.


Launched 2006, amazon is considered to be the best online store where you can buy top brands at low prices. You can buy anything including wind chimes from amazon as it is trusted worldwide. 

Prime membership offers you:

  • free shipping. 
  • exclusive shopping deals.

Best-selling wind chimes on amazon: 

  • Bellaa capiz wind chime:

      *Made from shells.

      *Reasonable price.

      *Attractive home decoration. 

  • Wood stock amazing grace wind chime: 

   *Beautiful tones with Soothing and soft sounds. 

  • Cohasset plain antique:

   *Asian inspired look made from bamboo.

   *Ideal for feng shui. 

Top wind chimes brands:

  • Wood stock chimes :

Such as:

  • Amazing grace wood stock chime
  • Woodstock Pachelbel Canon wind chime
Woodstock Pachelbel Canon wind chime
  • UMA enterprises

Such as:

  • Urban Trends Capiz Wind Chime
Urban Trends Capiz Wind Chime
  • Upblend outdoors:

Such as:

  • UpBlend Classic Havasu wind chime
UpBlend Outdoors Large Wind Chime
  • Pixpri:

Such as:

  • Pixpri Elegant wind chime
Pixpri Wind Chimes Outdoor, 32″ Chimes, Deep Soothing Tones, Long Lasting Memorial Wind Chimes
  • Blue handworks:

Such as:

  • rainbow-hued glass wind chime
Gift Essentials Rainbow Wind Chime
  • Brooklyn basix:

Such as:

  • Brooklyn Basix Freedom wind chime
Brooklyn Basix Freedom Chime for Patio, Garden, Terrace and Balcony

Such as:

  • YLYYCC Brassiness Wind Chime
YLYYCC Brassiness Wind Chime 24 Tube Metal Windbell Money Drawing Wind Chime
  • Cohasset gifts:

Such as:

  • Cohasset plain antique Wind Chime
  • Image :

Such as:

  • Solar Hummingbird Wind Chime
IMAGE Solar Hummingbird Wind Chimes
  • Beachcombers burnt:

Such as:

  • Long Burnt Flower Bamboo Wind chime Brown
Beachcombers 41.25-Inch Long Burnt Flower Bamboo Windchime Brown
  • Corinthian bells:

Such as:

  • Corinthian Bells Wind chime – Copper Vein
Corinthian Bells Wind chime – Copper Vein
  • Planted perfect:

Such as:

  • Garden wind chimes
Garden Beautiful Wind Chimes

The types of wind chimes also very important when you choose any chimes for your house/garden. Hope that you can get some ideas. From us the team that loves wind chimes.

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