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Top 3 wind chimes for tiny house/garden

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Are you are big fan of the wind chimes and looking for the best to add onto your tiny house or garden?  Count yourself lucky as you have landed at the right place. Here we will help you in getting the best wind chime for your tiny house or garden by reviewing the top three wind chimes for a tiny house or garden together with the most important factors to consider when shopping for one. 

Wind chimes do produce a completely relaxing and soothing music while at the same time looking great. With the wind chimes, be sure of getting pure precision and excellence. 

Popularly known for having a great build quality, flawless sounds and reasonable price, the wind chimes have pleased millions of people worldwide over the years. 

Here is a review of the top three wind chimes for a tiny house and garden. 

Medium Amazing Grace Chimes

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The Medium Amazing Grace chimes come in the first position in our reviews of the best wind chimes for tiny house and garden.  This chime has been tuned to play the amazing grace to perfection. Be sure of loving the tune if you are a fan of hymn. 

Having a deep toned sound and one of the most popular and inspiring hymns around the world, you can imagine relaxing there in complete relaxation whenever the wind powers them. They do have a great look with a cherry wood finish for the catcher, top and clapper being matched with the tuneful and durable aluminum tubes. 

During our research, we did find that it has six of the tubes with the longest measuring 24- inches in length. It is if a great size that will offer you several options when it comes to making a decision on where to place them. 

One thing we really liked about this wind chime is that you will be provided with a lifetime tuning guarantee that most of the tiny house owners will appreciate. It is possible to send them right back in case you are not pleased with them. 

However, most of the previous buyers’ reviews are positive just as you would expect for any leading wind chimes manufacturer, we would have no issue recommending this particular set. 

Another positive is that this wind chime is among the cheapest wind chimes you will ever find in the wind chimes catalogue, hence; if money is an issue, you will be getting something of a better value for your money. 

It is a well priced and a soothing wind chimes justifying why most of the wind chime lovers do prefer them. 


  • Comes with a lifetime tuning guarantee 
  • It is of a great size 
  • It is well priced
  • It is among the cheapest wind chimes 
  • Have a great look with a cherry wood finish
  • Has been tuned to play the amazing grace to perfection


  • It is a bit fragile 

Gregorian Baritone Wind Chime 

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Coming in the second position is the Gregorian Baritone Wind Chime.  Most of the tiny house and garden owners do like this wind chime since it is made from an extremely high quality materials and it has been tuned to produce a chant like melody which is up lifting, relaxing and rich at the same time. 

The Gregorian Baritone Wind Chime has been constructed of aluminum and has been tuned to precision so that it is in a position to play the Gregorian Baritone which it was designed for. As they are very stunning, these wind chimes do resonate well for an extended period of time especially when you hear the mellow tones which have been created. You will be hoping for gusts of wind all day long.  These wind chimes have also been tuned to absolute precision that you will immediately notice due to an excellent chime harmony each time they sing. 

We do have other materials that were used in construction of this wind chime. There is the cherry wood that was used at the top; there is the wind catcher, clapper and the nylon cord that was used in holding the clapper in place. 

 All the materials used in making this wind chime to ensure that the chime is durable and that when you purchase it, the build quality will be what you expect. 

You will be pleased by this chime together with its distinctive sound they produce and you will find very little to fault them. 


  • It is of amazing aesthetics 
  • Produces a chant like melody which is up lifting, relaxing and rich at the same time. 
  • Produces excellent chime harmony each time they sing
  • It is a very stunning wind chime 
  • It has been built using high quality materials


  • It produces loud sound
  • It is expensive 

Mozart Medium Wind Chimes 

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Coming in the third position and last in our list of the best wind chime for tiny house and garden is the Mozart Medium Wind Chimes. By exuding the type of quality you can expect from a wind chime for a tiny house and garden, the Mozart Medium Wind Chimes is another excellent option you can consider if you are interested in some emotive, relaxing and soothing sound when the wind blows. 

The Mozart’s Piano Concerto #21 is the tune which has been tuned into this particular wind chime. You will get it a bit tough to get anything uplifting and inspiring. In terms of appearance, its manufacturer has stuck to high standards and came up with an excellent wind chime that as good as the sound they produce. 

The materials used in making this wind chime are the red cherry ash and aluminum tubes. They are much smaller wind chimes measuring 25 inches in size and any person will be impressed by the volume they create.  The small size of this wind chime will have a direct impact on the cost and it will be one of the main reasons why they do cost less. It does have a great value for money and has been constructed to the same quality as other top wind chimes.  

However, that cheaper price does not sacrifice on its quality. Its low cost is due to the less number of materials used. Its build quality is as good as anything else which we have recommended and we do feel that they can be an excellent set to pick in case you are new to the wind chimes. 


  • Produces emotive, relaxing and soothing sound
  • It is of affordable price
  • Has an excellent build quality 
  • It is of a great money value


  • It is fragile 
  • Materials used are not that durable

Buying Guide for the Top 3 Wind Chimes for Tiny House and Garden 

It does not matter if you are considering purchasing a wind chime for your tiny house and garden or recommending one to your friend, you will just have to think about the number of factors you need to consider before you make any decision. It is not just a price matter or what they sound and look like that you need to consider before purchasing. Here we have listed some of the important considerations you need to put in mind when shopping for the best wind chime for tiny house and garden. 

  • Material 

All the three wind chimes we have reviewed above are made from aluminum although there are a number of various materials which have also been used in creating the tunes and sounds that you are interested in. Copper and steel are the two other types of materials which are commonly used while bamboo and wood are the most common wood types. 

There are also a number of wind chimes made from ceramic, glass and shells. They sound type you like will help in determining the type of material you will choose when buying a wind chime. 

  • Length, size and number of tubes 

Although there are a number of benefits that comes with purchasing wind chimes online, there is one major drawback that is proving to be a great challenge to many wind chime lovers. We are not in a position to hear the type of sound they produce before we make purchase. Yes, we can read reviews to get a slight idea but our ears will never hear any sound until we have made the purchase. 

We do have a number of ways on the sound types to expect. The wind chimes having a higher number of tubes will produce a more extended sound range while the longer the tubes are the lower and deeper the notes will be. In case you do prefer the low notes, it is advisable that you go for the short tunes and if you do like more bass, then the longer tubes will fit the bill. 

  • Sail Size 

Sail refers to the wind chimes part which catches wind and makes them sing. The larger the sail, the more wind it will take to make it sing and the smaller it is the more frequently you will hear it.  You will also have to consider how often you are interested in hearing the chimes and how windy your area is before you make any decision on the sail size you need. 

  • Tune and sound types

The tone and pitch of the sounds and the tune the wind chimes play is going to be among the biggest factors. In case you do get one that plays a tone which you like, it will be a no barrier that it will become on which you consider purchasing. 

There are others which will not play a tune as such and instead will provide you with some relaxing tones. It does depend on what one is looking for. 

You can try searching on the YouTube for the wind chimes sound before you make any purchase instead of just reading reviews of other people. Not all people do like the same thing. 

  • Cost 

Cost is one of the biggest considerations you have to put in mind when shopping for the top wind chimes for house and garden. Although Woodstock is known to be among the very best, they are still reasonably price when compared to others. They are also known to offer a much cheaper wind chime together with others which you might consider as expensive.  

Frequently Asked Questions about the Best Wind Chimes for House and Garden 

  • Is it possible to use the wind chimes indoors? 

Yes, you can always hang the wind chimes indoors. The wind chimes which are used indoors are however smaller in size and they do weight less hence the small breeze is still capable of moving them from within the house.  The indoor wind chimes are also used on a frequent basis for their decorative purposes instead of their utilitarian purpose since there is barely any wind from inside the house. 

  • How Do I take good care of my wind chime?

It is important that you take good care of your wind chime for tiny house and garden due to their high price. The bamboo or wooden wind chimes or material parts made from wood need to have some extra care. Ensure that you do apply protective layer on top of the wooden materials since the wooden items can easily deteriorate due to other weather elements. Having a protective layer will help in protecting the wooden wind chime from harmful elements. 

  • Where Can I Hang my Wind Chime?

This depends on the house or garden owner. You can decide to hang it on your patio, garden or even indoors. In case you are into the Fen Shui, then there are places that will work much better than others. 

  • What Should I do when there is an impending storm and I have my wind chime outdoors?

You need to check how strong the storm will be. However, the best thing to do is take the wind chime indoors to help protect it from the heavy winds. In most cases, the rainy or windy days should never be an issue with your wind chime. 

  • Does the Tubes numbers matter when it comes to the sound produced?

Yes, the high the number of tubes the more sound it will produce. The fewer the number of tubes the less sound it will produce. However, it is up to the interested buyer to consider the sound pattern they like for their own tiny house. 

  • How can I silence the Wind Chimes?

If you do think that your wind chime makes too much noise, all you have to do is simply move your wind chime from the garden to a spot where a breeze will be much more difficult to get.  In case they still make lots of noise, it is advisable that you do remember buying a heavy wind chime next time since the wind will need more power for them to move the wind chime sail to connect with the tubes. 

We do have that you now have a better idea of what you need to consider before you splash out money to buy wind chimes for your tiny house and garden.  We have made your work easier by listing and reviewing the best wind chimes for tiny house and garden together with looking some of the best factors to consider when shopping for one and the most frequently asked questions. Next time you are making a purchase, you should not waste your time on the hundreds of wind chimes in the market.

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