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Woodstock wind chimes

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Woodstock Coconut Bamboo 

Garry Kvistad a German musician owns Woodstock.  This company is widely known for making great standing wind chimes for over four decades.  Bamboo wind chimes are environmentally friendly and do use renewable resources. It uses handmade bamboo chimes which are weather resistant. 

 The bamboo pieces do hang from the top of a polished coconut completing the exotic feel. When you close your eyes and listen to the mellow tunes that are produced by any of the bamboo chimes, you can easily mistake yourself as being in a faraway place. 

The chime has also been crafted carefully to offer listeners peaceful melodies and become the backing track to the relaxing tranquil on veranda.  The entire design is placed together using a nylon cord. The cord is durable which can be relied upon for years to come. 

Since it is made from bamboo, it is not that heavy. However, the good news is that you can always enjoy the melodies in light breezes. The bad thing is that this chime will have to be taken indoors when weather condition is extreme.  However, when you bring it inside, it is necessary that you do store the standing wind chime in unheated place like a shed or garage. Ensure you do maintain it on a regular basis by wiping them which is very important when you want to enjoy the standing wind chimes for years. 


  • Environmental friendly 
  • Most unique wind chimes in the market 
  • Reasonable price 


  • Produces lots of sound

Woodstock Medium Amazing Grace Chime

This is an excellent standing wind chime which is tuned to one popular American hymns, the amazing grace. It is a great addition to your patio, garden or doorway thanks to its well made construction and relaxing sound. 

It does measure 24” in length and is made of cherry finish ash wood and six aluminum tubes. However, the aluminum never reacts with humidity or sunlight and can stay for a long time. It does feature a removable wind catcher meaning one can easily customize it according to their personal preference. It is and great wind chimes for calming and relaxing as it will help you enjoy the outdoors in any type of weather and to relax. 

It will last for years and it will never be affected by any elements. It is an excellent gift for any event and a great family memorial that can last for years. 


  • Have a calming and a relaxing tune 
  • It does not get affected with the rain or sun rays
  • It is a well made musical wind charm 
  • Has a removable wind catcher 
  • Made from aluminum and cherry finish ash wood 


  • There are users who find it a bit heavy.

Havasu Wind Chime 

It is among the best standing wind chimes currently available in the market. It can combine an elegant mahogany stained beechwood with a hand tuned aluminum tube in an excellent combination that will help in adding serenity and beauty to the outside area. 

Its aluminum tube which is corrosion resistant is anodized in a bath of light bronze that adds artistic value to the garden. They are able to complement the great wood curves for the traditional elegant appearance. 

Its beechwood suspension platform has been secured using a high strength suspension cord and does hang from a solid S that will guarantee that the chime will remain in place. Its adjustable suspension platform level will make it possible for you to adjust it according to your personal preference. 

The chime is a strong ornament piece that is not affected by elements which can be passed onto your grandchildren. It is of the right size as it is not that small or big.  Each of its tube does produce a rich and a long lasting note which will help you meditate or can be used in honoring a special person. It has a detailed brochure that comes with care tips and instructions. 


  • It produces long lasting and rich notes 
  • Has an adjustable suspension platform 
  • Can be secured in place using a high strength suspension cord
  • It is corrosion resistant


  • Can easily get tangled

Tuned 22″ Wood Wind chimes 

It is one of the best standing wind chimes that can be an incredible addition to your outdoor area. It is quite entertaining and beautiful especially if you do spend lots of time in the patio or garden. There is nothing that you can compare to listening of this great sound that is produced by the chime while enjoying your great book or sipping your drink. 

It is very affordable and it does produce rich and clear notes even with slightest winds all attributed to its light pendulum. It is also made of crafted beechwood and has a polished iron to help in producing the deep and relaxing tones.  The wood is also coated with win, sun rays and resistant to water. It is a great wind chime that can last for year since it is well made. You can place it anywhere you want. 

It was made by top experts to help produce soothing and relaxing sounds. Compared to other models, it will never irritate you or even deprive you of sleep at night. 


  • It produces deep and clear notes
  • It is budget friendly 
  • Resistant to water, wind and sun rays 
  • Made of polished iron and treated Beechwood


  • The strings that hold the wood and metal are held by small nails which loosen after some time. 

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